The Benefits Of Gluten Free Restaurants

According to doctors today, as much as 6 to 7% of the United States population may be gluten sensitive, meaning that over 20 million individuals in America could be reacting to the gluten in their food. A smaller number, but still significant, are gluten allergic, meaning that they will have a serious reaction when they come into contact with gluten. While gluten allergies and intolerances or sensitivities may not have been well known or researched before, this is a fact that is changing as these issues become more prevalent in society today. Gluten free restaurants provide an option for everyone, ensuring every member in your party has the same satisfying and delicious experience.

What Should I Look For In Gluten Free Restaurants?

The Benefits Of Gluten Free RestaurantsGluten free has become something of buzzword in recent years, likely due to the new light being shed on gluten sensitivities and allergies. Businesses are using “gluten free” as a selling point, or a way to draw in customers that might not otherwise visit their stores or purchase their products. When it comes to gluten free restaurants, this can set a dangerous precedent, as a lack of care could cause patrons to have serious reactions to the trace amounts of gluten they consume.
When you’re looking for a gluten free restaurant, you’ll want a restaurant that really knows what they’re doing. They have a gluten free menu, they let you know how they make their gluten free options completely free of gluten, and they’re confident in the gluten free fares they provide. Whether sensitive or allergic, a person who requires gluten free should be able to trust that the meal they’re enjoying truly is what it claims to be.
Authentic and trustworthy gluten free restaurants are those that the entire family can enjoy together, and that’s just what we offer at Bucceto’s. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know how important it is for our patrons to be able to relax and truly enjoy their food, and this includes those with any number of dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for gluten-free in Bloomington or Columbus, stop in and see what we’re serving up today!

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