The Best Authentic Italian Foods For Gluten Free Columbus

More than 3.1 million people across the United States live a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether they’re allergic to gluten, intolerant, or they avoid gluten for any reason, it’s important that each and every one of these individuals has delicious foods they can eat and truly enjoy. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn use our authentic Italian fare to create a gluten free Columbus that we can be proud of! With a menu filled with both traditional and gluten free foods, parties of all dietary needs can walk through our doors and know they’re about to have a special experience they’ll want to repeat time and time again!
If you’ve never tried our gluten free Columbus menu items, we have some favorites we’d urge any of our treasured patrons to try:
The Best Authentic Italian Foods For Gluten Free Columbus • Gluten free spaghetti – Our pasta dishes can be made with fresh made gluten free spaghetti pasta, allowing you to experience a flavorful comfort food with no worry of gluten contamination.
• Gluten free pizza – Our gluten free pizza is a star on our menu! Made with rice flour crust and with more than 40 gluten free toppings to choose from, this is a pizza that won’t only please the gluten free in your crowd but your entire table.
• Bruschetta – On gluten free toasted bread, our Bruschetta comes with fresh tomato, garlic, herbs and optional goat cheese to create the perfect springtime appetizer.
• Sandwiches – Made on gluten free bread, we have a number of hot sandwiches perfect for a great lunch without the gluten you don’t want. Meatball subs, hot Italian subs, and spinach artichoke sandwiches are just some of our most popular favorites.
• Chicken dinners – If you’re looking for a filling and comforting Italian dish outside of the realm of pizza or pasta, our chicken dinners have that homecooked taste you really want. Chicken Marsala and Venezia Chicken are top picks for a gluten free Columbus dinner you can’t wait t have again.
At Bucceto’s our gluten free menu is separate to allow our no gluten customers to browse to their heart’s content in order to find the perfect meal. Gluten free Columbus catering options are available as well to ensure that every attendee to your event is satisfied. If you’re looking to experience the gluten free difference, stop by and try one of our gluten free picks today.

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