The Best Beers To Go With The Best Pizza In Columbus

Our best pizza in Columbus is made even better when you have the perfect beer to wash it down. Not just for watching sports on the weekends, pizza and beer is a classic American pairing, and we at Bucceto’s have the varieties you need to embrace this American tradition the way it should be embraced! Our best beer and pizza combinations to really accentuate our best pizza in Columbus include:
The Best Beers To Go With The Best Pizza In Columbus • Cheese pizza and Corona – To start, it’s best to begin with the tried and true classic. With our best pizza in Columbus, we know toppings are delicious, but we also know that we don’t need toppings to really let our pizza shine. With the fresh sauce, authentic cheese, and perfectly crispy crust, we know that our cheese pizzas can stand on their own two feet. To really enhance your cheese pizza experience, we suggest pairing it with a smooth and cool Corona. A nice light beer with a crisp flavor, it’s the perfect variety to cut the fat in the cheese and cleanse the palate between each bite.
• Margherita pizza and Stella Artois – A pilsner like Stella Artois is just what you’re after when you order our best pizza in Columbus margherita variety. A malt flavor in the beer really complements the toasty crunch of the crust, while the acidity in the tomato is completely balanced out. With a light and refreshing flavor, the Stella Artois cuts the fat in the cheese without ever overpowering the delightful light flavor of fresh mozzarella.
• Hawaiian and Two Brothers: Prairie Path Golden Ale – A perfect contrast to the salty ham, and a perfect complement to the pineapple, there’s nothing controversial about pairing a Hawaiian style pizza with Two Brothers: Prairie Path Golden Ale. While some may think that pineapple simply doesn’t belong on pizza, we know it fits right in with our best pizza in Columbus, and it fits even better when you pair it with the perfect beer.
• Pepperoni and Founders All Day IPA – The only thing comparably classic to a cheese pizza is a pepperoni pizza, and we know you’ll be amazed by how the flavor stands out when paired with Founders All Day IPA. Pepperoni is salty by nature, and the bitterness of the IPA really creates a balancing act your palate will love. With more hoppiness than your traditional pale ale, the IPA has that perfect bite to really cut through the fat without tarnishing the flavor.
What pairing are you going to try the next time you pick up our best pizza in Columbus?

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