The Best Calzones At Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington

A calzone is a pretty delightful treat! Our Calzones at Bucceto’s are filled with the same wholesome ingredients that go into our pizzas and other dishes, and they’re wrapped up tight in delicious dough that make them the perfect party food. A simple way to think about a calzone would be to think about them like a pizza pocket, and one that is super easy to eat while mingling with or without a plate. When the goodies are packed into the dough of the calzone, that dough is then folded and baked to warm up everything inside; the result is an ooey gooey lunch, dinner, or anytime meal!
At Bucceto’s, we serve up a number of different calzones, or you can make your own using our vast array of different toppings and combinations. When you order a calzone, they go particularly well with our selection of beer at our Italian restaurant Bloomington, and the type of beer you choose will depend on the calzone you’re in the mood for. If you’re feeling the Chicken Bada Bing, you might want something a bit lighter like our Stella Artois, while the rich Meatball Heaven might be better with a bottle of Elysian.
If you’ve never tried one of our calzones, a few top picks we suggest for your first order are:
• Greek Garden – The Greek Garden calzone at our Italian restaurant Bloomington is the ideal choice for a summer dinner. Filled with spinach, red onion, black olives, tomato, and feta cheese, it never sits too heavy and it’s absolutely packed with freshness.
• BBQ Chix – Reminiscent of a summer barbecue is our BBQ Chix calzone. This pick is filled with barbecue chicken, green peppers, and smoked gouda cheese, so you get that “fresh off the grill” feeling when you’re ordering out from our Italian restaurant Bloomington.
The Best Calzones At Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington • Napoli – One of the shining stars on our calzone menu is the Napoli, a calzone stuffed with Italian ham, roma tomato, and provolone cheese. If you’re trying to decide between an Italian sandwich and a calzone, the Napoli really satisfies both cravings!
At Bucceto’s we’re proud of our calzones, and we can’t wait to see which is going to be your favorite. Are you ready to give our best Calzones in Bloomington a try?

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