The Best Pizza Combinations To Please Everyone At The Party

If you’re throwing a party, and you’re looking for the best pizza to serve to your guests, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have you covered. It is the classic party food, and whether it’s a kids’ party or a grown-ups only celebration, it’s the one dish that is sure to be loved by everyone. Now, where the complicated part comes in is this – what kinds of pizzas should you order? Our best pizza in Indiana has smiling teeth combinations, gluten free pizza, vegan pizza, and enough toppings to give you a whole new flavor profile whenever you want one.
When ordering the best pizza for a party, you’ll want to make sure you cover a wide range of needs and wants. First and foremost, ordering a gluten free pizza or two is key to making sure that any gluten free guests at your party have something to enjoy, and more and more individuals are learning each day that they themselves have gluten intolerances or allergies. Our gluten free pizzas are made using rice flour and with gluten free toppings, so there is no “what if” worry about gluten slipping into the pizza in any capacity. Not only are they guaranteed gluten free, but they’re also just as delicious as our traditional options!
The Best Pizza Combinations To Please Everyone At The Party Next, you’ll want to consider your vegan or vegetarian guests. We at Bucceto’s are now offering vegan pizzas that use vegan-friendly cheese, offer vegan sausage, and give you the option of 25 different vegan friendly topping choices. If you’re not quite sure if your guest or guests are vegan or vegetarian, our vegan pizzas are sure to please while covering any and all dietary need in this regard. Having vegan and gluten free friends over? Your vegan options can be prepared on our gluten free pizza crust!
Lastly, for your traditional pizzas, you might not want to serve up the same old thing. While cheese pizzas and pepperoni pizzas are well-loved classics, our smiling teeth pizza combinations provide entirely new and unique flavor experiences your guests are sure to love. For these types of experiences gluten free, several can be made in gluten free options.
When you have the best pizza, and the best combinations, you’re sure to make your party unforgettable. Call us today to see what pizzas you’ll be serving to your guests!

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