The Best Pizza In Bloomington For The Vegetarian Crowd

One of the best things about pizza is just how diverse it really is. Everyone can enjoy pizza, and that’s a huge reason why it’s America’s favorite comfort food. At Bucceto’s, our best pizza in Bloomington is for everyone but we want to focus on the vegetarian crowd. 2% of the American population are vegetarian, while 0.5% of the population consider themselves vegan. Even those who don’t adhere to a strict vegan or vegetarian diet, many will opt for meatless days throughout the week.
When you leave off the toppings, the very foundation of great pizza is wholesome crust, fresh made sauce, and delicious cheese. The cheese can be made dairy free, and neither of the other two pieces of the pizza foundation require any meat or animal derived products. This means that incredible tasty pizzas can be made meat-free while you get the full experience you’re looking for.
At Bucceto’s our best pizza in Bloomington can be made with any number of vegetarian friendly toppings. Onions, olives, mushrooms, peppers, or pineapple are perfect for those who like to keep it classic, while our unique offerings like pine nuts, new potatoes, pecans, cilantro, or capers keep things interesting. When you order a vegetarian pizza, you can really have a fresh and new experience each and every time.
The Best Pizza In Bloomington For The Vegetarian Crowd At Bucceto’s we want to make sure the vegan crowd knows that they’re just as welcome to our best pizza in Bloomington as anyone else. We create vegan pizza using vegan cheese and optional vegan sausage alongside all of our tasty vegetable based toppings. With robust flavor just like our traditional pies, it’s a pizza that can be enjoyed by anyone of any dietary need.
Our pizza is one of the things we’re most proud of at Bucceto’s, so we naturally want it to be enjoyed by as many people in Bloomington as possible! If you’re in the mood for pizza tonight, stop by and see us at Bucceto’s to get a vegetarian pie you’re sure to come back for again and again. What toppings are you going to order?

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