The Best Pizza In Bloomington Is Going Vegan

At Bucceto’s, we’re proud to serve the best pizza in Bloomington, and we’re even prouder to offer it to the vegan community. The benefits of a vegan diet are being discovered by many, causing them to opt for this dietary choice for any number of reasons. Pizza is the number one comfort food in the United States, and we at Bucceto’s believe that just because you’re going vegan, you shouldn’t have to give up one of your favorite comfort foods.
Our best pizza in Bloomington can still be found in traditional varieties, but we’re particularly proud of our new vegan offerings. Bucceto’s vegan best pizza in Bloomington is made using our delicious traditional crust, our fresh and robust tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and optional vegan sausage. You get delicious explosions of flavor, the perfect texture, and all using completely non animal derived ingredients. For those with gluten free needs, our best pizza in Bloomington vegan style can also be made using gluten-free rice flour crust that keeps gluten completely out of the equation. A vegan and gluten free pizza at Bucceto’s satisfies every dietary need at once with one delicious authentic pie.
When it comes to toppings, we have options covered for our vegan pizza. Not only can you choose vegan sausage, but we have a number of vegetable, potato, and even nut options to make your pizza something unique and special. By providing a plethora of vegan topping options, we know that our vegan customers can enjoy something entirely new and fresh every single time they call us at Bucceto’s for a pizza. We have spicy, savory, and comforting vegan toppings to give your vegan pizza the perfect flavor to match your mood at any given time.
The Best Pizza In Bloomington Is Going Vegan Bucceto’s vegan pizza can be ordered via takeout or delivery in our Bloomington and Columbus locations. During these tough times of social distancing and widespread shut down, we know how stressful it can be to feed your family each night. The convenience of running out or stopping by on a whim has been compromised, and more and more families are eating at home. For those nights when you simply don’t wish to cook, our delivery and takeout at Bucceto’s is a safe option, and our vegan pizza ensures that every member of your family is left full and satisfied! We can’t wait to see how you put your own personal spin on our vegan pies!

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