The Best Pizza In Columbus Is All Ready For Spring

All that winter ice is getting ready to melt, and spring is springing up all around the Columbus area! There’s no wrong season for pizza, but there’s certainly right ways to celebrate the new season with a delicious and flavorful pie. Our best pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s can be enjoyed in so many ways, including all those ways that celebrate the best parts of spring. If you’re creating your own Bucceto’s pizza and you’re looking to embrace the freshness of the new season, some of our favorite picks are:
Fresh basil – Basil has that perfect balance of sweet and savory, herbaceous and earthy. The light flavor is perfect for bringing together a springtime pie as you get the black pepper notes first, which are then followed by a minty essence, a touch of anise, and all the aromatics you could ask for. Fresh basil on our best pizza in Columbus is an experience for your senses of taste and smell at the same time.
BBQ Chicken – Springtime is the beginning of barbecue season, but why limit your love of barbecue to the grill alone? Our BBQ chicken topping is made fresh and delicious, giving you the full barbecue experience with each bite of your favorite slice.
Cilantro – Popular in many Mexican dishes, cilantro is also a perfect springtime topping for your pizza! Light, sweet, and citrusy in flavor, this pizza topping goes particularly well with spicy toppings, various cheeses, and any taste that could use a little kick of freshness.
▪ Fresh garlic – Fresh garlic has a sweet, spicy, and fresh taste that pairs perfectly with any other spring toppings you might be interested in. Whether you’re going vegetarian or opting for a full deluxe style, garlic will always add that special touch that ties it all together.
The Best Pizza In Columbus Is All Ready For Spring▪ Feta cheese – While our traditional cheese blend is great, what about something a little different this spring? Our feta cheese adds a tangy, salty, and almost lemon-like flavor to your pizza which keeps things fresh and interesting with each and every bite.
Our best pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s can be transformed over and over again with the toppings and flavors you choose. Are you thinking of trying a springtime pizza tonight? We can’t wait to see what your interpretation of spring flavor might be!

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