The Best Pizza In Columbus Is Now Vegan 

We take great pride in making the best pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s, but we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn are always up for trying something new! In order to progress our best pizza into something that every single customer will love, we’ve developed a vegan pizza that’s become an immediate hit on our menu. What is our vegan best pizza in Columbus all about? Let us break it down for you! 


First it all starts with our crust. We use our traditional crust for our vegan pies, but they can be made with our gluten-free crust as well. It’s important to note that our no-gluten crust does use a little bit of honey, so gluten-free pies cannot be completely vegan. We can, however, top a gluten-free crust with our vegan cheese and vegan ingredient choices! 


Next, we add our sauce. Our robust and homestyle tomato sauce is rich with fresh tomato and herbs, bringing an immediate brightness to every vegan pie. With moisture and flavor, you can think of our sauce as the “glue” that holds your entire pizza together! 


Our vegan cheese is a real star of the show. Made with no animal derived dairy, it’s stretchy, salty, cozy, and has the same texture and flavor everyone loves when they bite into a traditional pie. For those who do not adhere to a vegan diet, even lovers of our traditional pies can hardly tell a difference! 


The Best Pizza In Columbus Is Now Vegan

We have dozens of toppings to choose from at Bucceto’s, so no two pizzas ever have to be exactly the same! Our list of vegan ingredients is long, and we have something on our menu to represent every favorite flavor or craving. Looking for something spicy? We have our banana peppers, chilies, chili oil, and jalapenos. Hearty and classic? We have bell peppers, mushrooms, red onion, and our specialty vegan sausage perfect for bringing that classic smokiness to our vegan pies! 


Whether you adhere to a vegan diet or you’re just looking to try something new, we couldn’t be more proud of our vegan best pizza in Columbus! For delivery, takeout, or dine-in, we encourage you to stop in and try one today.