The Best Restaurants Bloomington For Your Holiday Parties

No matter the holiday, hosting takes a lot of work. Whether you’re gathering together for Christmas or you’re throwing a backyard barbecue for 4th of July, you’ve got to think up a menu, buy all the ingredients, get the house in tip-top shape, do all the prep, cook the day away, and then you’re stuck with cleaning it all up once the guests take their leave. The best restaurants in Bloomington, like Bucceto’s, give you another option!
The Best Restaurants Bloomington For Your Holiday PartiesAt Bucceto’s our catering makes hosting this year easy. You still have the benefit of having all of your favorite people over to the home, but all the time-consuming prep is taken care of. You get to pick from our delicious authentic Italian Bucceto’s menu, pick up your food, and then put it on display ready for your guests to arrive. If you take your order out of the sheet pans, put out your best dishes, and tell your guests you spent all night cooking – we’ll never tell!
Our catering menu includes full and half pans of all of your Bucceto’s favorites. Full sheet pans feed between 16-20 guests, while half pans are suited for 8-10. To order Bucceto’s catering from our best restaurants Bloomington for your next event, the process is simple. First peruse our catering menu and pick out your dishes – we have salads, appetizers, entrees, calzones, sandwiches, and more. Once you have your picks, give us a call at Bucceto’s in Bloomington and let us know what you’re after for your stand-out holiday party. Our catering menu includes our tasty vegan pizza, as well as gluten-free picks to make sure every guest on your list has something delicious to eat.
Having a little notice is best when ordering our catering at Bucceto’s, but we do understand that hosting duties and food needs can pop up last minute. As long as we have at least 24 hours of notice we can work with you to craft a menu your guests are sure to love.
With our best restaurants in Bloomington catering at Bucceto’s, you can spend more time enjoying time with the people you love. Once the party is over, there’s no sink full of dishes to worry about and your guests will be begging to take home their share of leftovers. Are you hosting the holidays this year? Call us at Bucceto’s to see how we can make your party the best one yet!

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