The Best Vegan Pizza Bloomington Indiana Has To Offer

No one should be left out when it comes to the best pizza Bloomington, Indiana has to offer. This is a rule we follow steadfastly at Bucceto’s, and our pizza is getting even more inclusive because of it. We’ve been serving up our traditional and gluten-free pies for a while, but we’ve developed a vegan pizza recipe to ensure our vegan customers can find a pizza they’re sure to love as well.


What makes it the best vegan pizza Bloomington, Indiana has to offer? We can’t wait to break it down! It starts with our crust, which we make using unbleached wheat flour and our own carefully chosen ingredients. While we can put vegan toppings on a gluten-free crust, we must note that our gluten-free pizza dough does use a small bit of honey in its recipe – making it not adherent to a vegan diet.


The Best Vegan Pizza Bloomington Indiana Has To OfferOur crust, while flavorful in its own right, serves as the foundation for the rest of your pizza flavor experience. Next in line is our sauce. At Bucceto’s our traditional pizza sauce uses a small bit of parmesan cheese for added flavor harmony, so we had to find an alternative for our vegan pies. We found that our traditional tomato sauce works very well in providing acidity, sweetness, and rustic Italian flavor. Both sauces use a blend of fresh tomatoes and herbs to bring out perfect pizza balance.


What would the best vegan pizza Bloomington, Indiana has to offer be without a blanket of cheese resting on that sauce and crust? Naturally, we couldn’t use our traditional cheese blend, so we needed to seek out a vegan alternative. Using nut-based dairy, our vegan cheese blend perfectly mimics the flavor of our traditional cheese but without any animal-based milks.


Lastly are the toppings. While you don’t have to top your vegan pizza, we at Bucceto’s offer dozens to choose from with plenty suitable for any vegan pie. For those who want a bit more of a traditional flavor, we even offer vegan sausage for that smokey, spicy, rustic flavor profile so many love on a good pie.


Our vegan pizza at Bucceto’s doesn’t just serve a need, it impresses even the most hardcore pizza lovers! If you’re ready to try something different, or you’ve been searching for the best vegan pie, order one of ours today!