The Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

Good restaurants in Columbus will make a good chicken, and we’re proud to claim that distinction at Bucceto’s. We have chicken as a pizza topping, chicken calzones, chicken sandwiches, chicken pastas, and great chicken dinners, so if you’re in the mood for a great chicken dish, you’ve come to the right place. These can be found on both our standard and our gluten free menu, so there’s always the perfect bite for any dietary need.
While pizzas and pastas are great, sometimes you simply want a good homestyle Italian chicken dinner. Chicken is the most popular of all white meats by a large margin, so we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn wanted to make sure we could optimally please every chicken lover that walks through our doors or calls to place an order. Chicken isn’t only delicious, it can also be pretty healthy, and a few benefits of eating chicken for dinner tonight include:
• Rich in lean protein – If you’re looking for lean, low fat, and delicious protein, there are few foods better suited to your need than chicken. This type of lean protein helps to contribute to muscle growth and development, while leaving the eater completely satisfied.
The Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken • Heart healthy – Chicken is a naturally heart healthy protein, as it naturally controls the homocysteine amino acid levels in the body, which can lead to cardiovascular disease when left unchecked. Chicken breast, in particular, is great for this need, like that we use in our Chicken Marsala.
• Selenium rich – Selenium is a nutrient that many don’t think about, but it’s actually very important to the body and very abundant in chicken. Selenium is important to metabolic performance, and works to keep thyroid, immune, metabolism, and hormone systems running as they should.
• Healthy weight management – Chicken is rich in Vitamin B6, or B-complex vitamins, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. Chicken may even give the metabolism a healthy boost to keep calories burning away and healthy weight maintained.
We have your chicken dinner needs taken care of at Bucceto’s! From a hearty barbecue chicken salad, a pizza, or a full plate of Italian Venezia Chicken, we have just what you want every time the craving strikes. Looking for the perfect chicken dish tonight? Stop in and see what we have fresh and ready for you!

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