The Perfect Brew To Wash Down Your Pizza Restaurant Calzone

At our pizza restaurant at Bucceto’s, we aren’t just serving up pizza. Our calzones use all of the same wholesome and delicious ingredients as our pizza, but in a unique way that makes eating pizza even more fun! A calzone can be thought of as an “inside out” pizza, with all of the good stuff stuffed into the center of the dough and the crust conveniently on the outside. When you bit into the calzone, you’re greeted with the cheese, the sauce, and the toppings you love but in a convenient and portable presentation.
Calzones are a top pick for our pizza restaurant catering, as they’re an ideal way to feed guests while still being mingle-friendly. Guests can enjoy their calzone on a plate while they walk around the room enjoying a party, and they don’t have to worry about making a mess as they enjoy their meals. When you’re serving Bucceto’s calzones at your party, or you’re dining in at our pizza restaurant, what is a great calzone without the perfect beer pairing? Just like pizza, calzones work beautifully with an ice cold brew, and we have a few pairings you’re sure to love:
• Greek Garden and Stella Artois – If you’re looking for a fresh and delicious calzone packed with Greek flavors, we recommend our Greek Garden. Spinach, red onion, black olives, tomatoes, and fresh feta are wrapped in thin pizza dough for delightful Greek flavors in each and every bite. When enjoying this calzone, a fresh cold Stella Artois is the perfect crisp combination.
• Michelob Ultra and Chicken Bada Bing – The ricotta in our Chicken Bada Bing is perfect for a light lager, and we can’t suggest a nice bottle of Michelob Ultra enough. For a lunch or dinner dish at our pizza restaurant, the chicken breast, ricotta, goat cheese, and sun dried tomatoes with the fresh sip of a Michelob Ultra gives you a bright flavor experience!
The Perfect Brew To Wash Down Your Pizza Restaurant Calzone • Meatball Heaven with Elysian Space Dust IPA – The Meatball Heaven is the calzone you want if you’re looking for that satisfying, comforting, “stick to your ribs” lunch. Paired with this calzone we love the Elysian Space Dust IPA, which perfectly compliments the flavor of the gorgonzola cheese.
Our Calzones give you a new way to really experience our delightful pizza restaurant flavors, and these beer pairings let you make the most of the flavors you’re enjoying. If you’re looking for the perfect calzone, stop by and see us at our pizza restaurant today!

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