The Perfect Cider To Go With Your No Gluten Pizza

We want to make sure our local gluten-free crowd is taken care of at Bucceto’s, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know that great pizza doesn’t stop at the bite. Pizza and beverage pairings really make the meal, and we think they can perfectly bring out the flavors in our no gluten pizza when you make the right beverage choice. Keeping with the no gluten theme, our no gluten pizza can be served up alongside a Magners Irish Cider at our Bloomington locations, and we have just the perfect pizza combinations to really complement this pairing.
Both pizza and cider have a lot in common at their core. They’re both celebrating fresh and authentic flavors, with apple and cheese, sauce, and dough, and they balance each other out in a delicate and tasty way. A few no gluten pizza pies to try with your glass of Magners Irish Cider for a failsafe pairing are:
The Perfect Cider To Go With Your No Gluten Pizza• Margherita Pizza – Made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, and fontina cheese, this is a pizza that really embraces the freshness of flavor, just like cider. The cider cuts the fat of the fontina cheese, while a clean finish lets the pizza shine without falling out of perfect balance.
• Mushroom pizza – The freshness of the cider is an ideal opposite sort of compliment to the earthiness of mushroom. Our fresh pizza topped with our fresh mushrooms gives you an excellent foundation for seeing how opposites really attract with this no gluten pizza pairing.
• Panama Red – Pesto and Magners Irish Cider are a natural pairing. Rustic herbal flavors dance with the flavor of the apple creating something that is truly out of this world. On the Panama red is shrimp, Cilantro pesto, red bell peppers, jack cheese, and green onions.
• BLT – Our no gluten pizza in the BLT variety might not be your first thought when you imagine the flavors of cider, but think a little further. Bacon and apple are perfect together, and what could be more representative of an American spring or summer than BLT sandwiches and apple pies? These simple flavors give you something really refreshing and nostalgic to enjoy.
Our Magners Irish Cider is your ideal complement to your no gluten pizza, and we can’t wait to see what pizza you’ll pair with your next glass!

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