The Perfect Vegan Pie For All Occasions

Whether you’re someone looking to please vegan guests, or you’re following a vegan diet yourself, getting a great pizza can be pretty tough. Afterall – cheese is a major component of a great pizza, and cheese comes from animal derived dairy the vast majority of the time. What if it didn’t though? Our new vegan cheese at Bucceto’s makes ordering an excellent vegan pizza something that anyone can do in the Columbus and Bloomington areas! Bloomington food delivery for vegan pizza makes getting great easy eats simpler than ever, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know that you’re going to love the flavors you can dream up.
Not just vegan cheese, we’re also offering vegan sausage at Bucceto’s! For those who are looking to please vegans and omnivores alike, the vegan sausage is sure to be a big crowd pleaser; finally giving you a pizza combination everyone can enjoy at once. The vegan sausage retains the flavor and the texture of the real thing, but uses absolutely no animal derived products.
The Perfect Vegan Pie For All Occasions Our vegan pizza is also perfect for the no gluten pizza crowd. Using our rice flour crust, you can top your pizza with vegan cheese and your selection of vegan friendly toppings, giving you a pizza that is part no gluten pizza, part vegan pizza, and wholly great pizza every single time! If you’re looking to please a large group, this is a failsafe way to do so and ensure that every guest will leave your event fully stuffed and satisfied.
At Bucceto’s, we believe that pizza is something that should be accessible to everyone. No one should be left behind when it comes to the tastiness, convenience, and comfort of a great slice of pizza, and now no one will. With no gluten pizza and pizza that can be made fully vegan-friendly, we at Bucceto’s want to become your one-stop-shop for all of your tasty pizza needs. To see what our vegan pizza is all about, call us or stop in today to try one for yourself!

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