The Vegan Version Of The Best Pizza In Bloomington Indiana

We’re putting no limits on our best pizza in Bloomington Indiana, and this means making sure there’s a pie for everyone!


Love pizza but following a vegan lifestyle? Don’t worry, we at Bucceto’s have you covered! We put the same love into our vegan pizzas as our classics, using fresh ingredients to create a flavorful experience.


From the crust to the “cheese,” here’s what makes our vegan pizza the best in Bloomington, Indiana.


The Vegan Pizza Foundation


The Vegan Version Of The Best Pizza In Bloomington IndianaThe base of our vegan pizza is a gluten-free crust. It is made of rice flour to create a flavorful and sturdy foundation you’ll appreciate with each bite.


Crafting The Perfect Vegan Sauce


Next up is our vegan sauce. On our traditional pies, we use our rich pizza sauce, which contains parmesan cheese, so we needed a suitable alternative for our vegan pie.


What we settled on is our equally delicious tomato sauce, which makes use of tomato and rustic herbs to bring just the right tang and acidity to your pie but with no traditional dairy cheese in sight.


Our Plant-Based Cheese Takes Center Stage


Our cheese blend is something we’re very proud of when it comes to our vegan pizza. We meticulously crafted a plant-based blend that rivals our traditional mozzarella.


It delivers the same satisfyingly salty, stretchy texture you crave in every delicious bite.


Vegan Toppings For Every Craving


Want to pile on the flavor? Bucceto’s vegan options go beyond the basics! We have a variety of spicy, savory, rustic, and even sweet plant-based toppings to create your perfect pizza every time.


From banana peppers and green olives to vegan sausage and capers, we’ve got it all!


Experience Pizza In A Whole New Way At Bucceto’s


At Bucceto’s, we take our title of the best pizza in Bloomington Indiana seriously. If you’re looking to try something different this week, stop by and try one of our vegan pies to experience your pizza in a whole new way.


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