The Vegetarian Way To Enjoy Bloomington Pizza Delivery 

By using fresh and wholesome ingredients, you get authentic flavor out of all of our vegetable toppings. For this reason, our vegetarian friendly Bucceto’s pizzas aren’t just for the vegetarian crowd, but anyone who enjoys America’s favorite comfort food with a refreshing and zesty spin! Our Bloomington food delivery is the most convenient way for you to get your Bucceto’s favorites, and we want to list why we think our vegetarian pizza should be on that list: 


  • Fresh vegetables – When vegetables are frozen for long periods of time, you’re losing both flavor and nutritional value. The vegetables will still taste good, they’ll still be good for you, but they could be so much better! At Bucceto’s we take special care to use the freshest vegetables on our pizzas, so you get to enjoy every layer of flavor as they’re meant to be enjoyed. 
  • Make it gluten-free – Need gluten-free and vegetarian pizza? No problem! Our Bloomington pizza delivery isn’t just bringing vegetarian pies, we’re also bringing our famous gluten-free pizza as well. Made with rice flour crust, you get the same crunch, the same flavor, and the same substantial bite as you would from one of our traditional pies. Gluten-free or classic, the taste remains the star.
  • Try our vegan – Bloomington pizza delivery doesn’t just serve up vegetarian pies, we’re also delivering vegan pizza as well! We at Bucceto’s understand how tough it can be to find great Italian food when you have dietary needs, so we take care to consider it all. Our vegan pizza is made with our traditional crust, tomato sauce, vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and any number of vegetable ingredients you’d like! Our vegan cheese and toppings can be put on our gluten-free pizza; however our gluten-free crust does use just a touch of honey. 

It’s all about authenticity and flavor here at Bucceto’s, and we think that our vegetarian pizzas really show it off! With Bloomington pizza delivery, you can order your own veggie pizza from our website with our online ordering system, making it easier than ever to have your favorite pie any night of the week. Looking for something fresh to enjoy at the dinner table tonight? Let us know what kind of vegetarian pizza you want to try!