Turning The Best Pizza In Bloomington Inside Out

Our best pizza in Bloomington might be famous, but have you ever tried it inside out? That’s essentially the idea behind our calzones! A calzone is a pocket of pizza dough stuffed with all the good stuff, making it a new, fun, and portable way to enjoy Bucceto’s fan favorite pizza flavors. We have calzones for everyone, from the gluten-free crowd to those who prefer to leave the meat out of their diet. Some of our favorite calzone picks are: 


  • Junior – For cheese lovers, there’s nothing better than our Junior calzone! This tasty pizza pouch is filled with mozzarella, Romano, provolone, and fontina cheeses, making it a perfect comfort food pick that’s sure to be a first favorite if you’ve never had a calzone before. 
  • Napoli – If the best pizza in Bloomington and a ham sandwich joined forces, you’d have our Napoli! This calzone is filled with sliced Italian ham, Roma tomato, and provolone cheese. 
  • Queen of Hearts – Unique and inviting, our Queen of Hearts is a light and tasty way to enjoy a calzone. This pocket is filled with marinated artichoke hearts, ricotta cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a blend of Italian spices. 
  • BBQ Chix – BBQ Chix is the summer favorite when it comes to our calzones, and it’s just like having our Bucceto’s pizza but in the style of a backyard barbecue. This calzone is filled with barbecue chicken, green peppers, and hearty smoked gouda. 
  • Greek Garden – Greek Garden is a Greek salad meets a Bucceto’s pizza! This calzone is filled with spinach, red onion, black olives, tomato, and delicious feta cheese. 
Turning The Best Pizza In Bloomington Inside Out
  • Create your own – If you’re looking to create something entirely unique, or you’re looking to replicate your favorite Bucceto’s pie in a portable “turnover” style, you can always create your own calzone. Start with your cheese blend, move onto your sauce, and choose up to 3 toppings from our extensive toppings list.

There’s no wrong way to enjoy our best pizza in Bloomington at Bucceto’s – traditional, gluten-free, vegan, or as a calzone! If you’re looking to calm that pizza craving with something a little different tonight, we can’t wait to show you what our calzones are all about. 

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