Savor Vegan Goodness At Our Restaurants In Bloomington

If you eat a vegan diet, you’ve probably had trouble finding restaurants in Bloomington that offer more than just one plant-based dish. At Bucceto’s, we’re all about catering to different dietary needs, so we made sure to be just the kind of restaurant vegans can turn to for some good old-fashioned comfort food.


Dietary Diversity At Our Restaurants In Bloomington


Savor Vegan Goodness At Our Restaurants In BloomingtonOur Bloomington restaurants aren’t just for the vegan crowd though. We have plenty of traditional Italian dishes on our menu to satisfy those with a traditional diet.


We also have vegetarian menu items for those who eat a plant-based diet but love dairy. Gluten-free options are also available.


Vegan Pizza –– A Bucceto’s Special


What do we have on our menu for our vegan customers? We want to highlight two particularly popular vegan picks: our vegan pizza and our vegan cheesecake.


Our vegan pizza is a dish we’ve spent a long time perfecting since we wanted it to be just as delicious and sought after as our traditional pie. With some of the very best pizzas in Bloomington, we knew our vegan pie had to be perfect to match the hype!


Crafting The Perfect Vegan Pizza


Our traditional crust contains honey and our pizza sauce has parmesan cheese, making them non-vegan-friendly, which is why our vegan pizza starts with a certified plant-based, gluten-free crust and is topped with freshly made tomato sauce.


Vegan Pizza Toppings –– Customize Your Delight


Once the sauce is laid out on the dough, we top this with a blanket of our vegan cheese, which has the same stretch, flavor, and mouth feel as traditional cheese. This is because we want you to get the real-deal traditional pizza experience.


Once the cheese is all laid out, it’s time to top your vegan pizza with some of your favorite Bucceto’s toppings. Choose from various veggie toppings like sun-dried tomato, rosemary, capers, basil, and yellow bell peppers.


We also now carry vegan sausage, perfect if you’re looking to eat a traditional pie without the meat.


A Sweet Vegan Finale


After you’re done enjoying your pizza, you’ve got to follow it up with something sweet! Our vegan cheesecake is just the thing –– with the creamy, sweet, and satisfying taste you want made entirely from plant-based and vegan-friendly ingredients.


Bucceto’s: Your Go-To Spot In Bloomington


At Bucceto’s, we want our Italian restaurants in Bloomington to be the spot every hungry person can turn to for a satisfying meal experience, whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.


If you haven’t tried our vegan picks yet, we can’t wait to show you what they’re all about! Drop by today or click here to order online.