Vegan Or No Gluten Pizza?

At Bucceto’s we like to keep our pizza inclusive because we think that all of our Bloomington and Columbus customers deserve the very best pizza no matter what dietary needs they may have. Two of our menu favorites are our vegan and no gluten pizza, and we want to break down what’s most special about them both. 


Our vegan pizza starts out with a traditional foundation, giving it the strong, tasty, and satisfying crunch, you look for in a stellar pie. Topping that crust is our sauce made from California sourced sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, bringing a touch of fresh sweetness to the overall flavor profile. On top of the sauce is our vegan cheese, which is an alternative just as satisfying and tasty as traditional cheese but with none of the animal by-products our vegan customers don’t want. This cheese is stretchy, salty, and the perfect taste and texture one craves when they’re craving great pizza


Vegan Or No Gluten Pizza?

At Bucceto’s our toppings really seal the deal when it comes to making the best pizzas in the area. Our vegan toppings include a myriad of veggie and herb toppings, as well as our vegan sausage. The vegan sausage topping is a little smokey and a little spicy, with the perfect texture that makes it taste just like traditional sausage. It’s so close, as a matter of fact, that we encourage our omnivorous customers to give it a try and see for themselves! 


For our gluten-free customers, we also have the best no gluten pizza in the Bloomington and Columbus areas right here at Bucceto’s. For our no gluten pie, things start out a little different. Rather than natural unbleached traditional flour we start out with rice flour instead. Rice flour allows us to create a dough that has the same sturdy and delicious crunch as our traditional pies but without all the gluten. On top of the crust we place our wholesome California sun-dried tomato sauce, our traditional cheese blend or your choice of alternative cheeses, and your pick of our fresh and tasty toppings. The result? A no gluten pizza that is impressive enough to become anyone’s new favorite. 


What’s the best way to wash down a great no gluten or vegan pizza? With a cold beverage, of course! Angry Orchard Crisp Apple is a perfect refreshing gluten-free drink to wash down every bite of your favorite Bucceto’s pie. 

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