We Have The Brews You Need For Football Sundays

What goes better together than pizza and football? We at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have just what you need to watch the big game, and it goes beyond your eats. Pizza delivery in Bloomington is just right for when you’re watching the game at home, but what about if you’re pregaming before heading over to a friends’ house to cheer the home team on? At our Bucceto’s West location, we want to be the top meetup location you go to in order to enjoy time with your crew before the game starts.
With a complex and varied beer menu, we’ve got just the brews you’re looking for to refresh you before the big game, as well as just the pizzas to pair them with. For those days you’re looking to eat in instead of opting for pizza delivery in Bloomington, we’ve got some pizza and beer pairings you’ve simply got to try. A few of our favorite pizza and beer pairings for your next football Sunday at Bucceto’s are:
• Pepperoni and an IPA – The Dragonfly IPA from Upland has a powerful hop profile and a certain delightful refreshing acidity, making it the ideal choice for washing down our delicious Bucceto’s pepperoni pizza! If you’re looking to feed a table, pepperoni is a popular choice that satisfies everyone, and the Dragonfly IPA at Bucceto’s West brings out the best in your pizza.
• Stella Artois and the Margarita – Sometimes you want a bit of freshness with your pizza, and that’s when you order our fresh Bucceto’s Margarita pizza. Alongside that Margarita pizza, a Stella Artois Belgian pilsner beer is refreshing and delicate, complementing the freshness of the pizza without overcomplicating the flavors going on in your mouth.
We Have The Brews You Need For Football Sundays• Sweet Lil Razorback Smiling Teeth Pizza and Cider – Our Magners Irish Cider has the distinct sweetness a cider should have, which just so happens to be the perfect complement to the saltiness of the pepperoni, smoked sausage, and bacon found in our Sweet Lil Razorback Smiling Teeth Pizza! This pizza combination is a meat lover’s dream, and the Magner’s is a flawless friend to the pizza’s rich flavors.
Whether you’re looking for a cold beer and something to pair it with, or you’re interested in a way to take your pizza to the next level, we have just what you need before kickoff at Bucceto’s!

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