We Outline What Makes Our No Gluten Pizza Different

Our no gluten pizza is a star of our menu at Bucceto’s and something we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn are very proud of. By serving this pizza we’re able to reach further within the Bloomington and Columbus communities, but by serving great no gluten pizza we’re able to keep those communities happy, satisfied, and coming back! So, what sets ours apart?
We Outline What Makes Our No Gluten Pizza DifferentFirst and foremost we use wholesome and fresh rice flour in creating the crust for our no gluten pizza. This is the most important part; it’s how we create a tasty, texturally pleasant, and solid foundation for our gluten free pies. By using rice flour we’re able to maintain taste and that classic pizza crust crunch while keeping cross contamination with gluten out of the equation. It’s our crust recipe that gives our customers with gluten allergies a confident way to eat their favorite comfort food.
After we have our foundation dough made it’s time for the sauce. We use no gluten in our sauce, but plenty of fresh tomatoes, herbs, and all that stuff that makes that perfect pizza sauce flavor. We put on just enough sauce to give you moisture and flavor, but not too much that it throws off the flavor balance of your pie.
On top of our sauce is our cheese blend. This gives the pizza that perfect salty taste and stretchy texture that keeps you coming back for another bite. Our cheese blend is made with only the freshest wholesome cheeses.
You have over 50 toppings to choose from when creating your own no gluten pizza at Bucceto’s. You can go whole vegetarian, meat lovers, spicy, savory, and even a little sweet. By offering such an extensive toppings list we allow our no gluten pizza customers to create a completely different pie with each visit if they choose.
The biggest thing that makes ours different is that it’s almost completely indistinguishable from a traditional pie. We’ve worked hard perfecting the flavor and texture of our no gluten pizza and the result is an authentic pizza that absolutely everyone will love. Whether you’re going gluten free, or you’re just a little curious, stop by Bucceto’s and order one today!

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