We Want To Remind You Why We’re One Of The Best Restaurants Bloomington, IN 

It takes a lot of hard work to be one of the best restaurants in Bloomington, IN but we at Bucceto’s love every minute of it! We want to break down what makes us one of the best, and how we strive to be even better year after year: 


  • Anytime friendly atmosphere – If you’re dining in with us at Bucceto’s, there’s no wrong occasion! We like to keep an intimate, family friendly, and cozy atmosphere, so you feel like you’re sitting down at a friend’s table. This means we’re the perfect location for dates, family dinners, catching up with a friend, or even at party at our West 3rd Bloomington location! No matter what you’re celebrating, we’re ready to make it special. 
  • Keeping it inclusive – The best restaurants in Bloomington, IN are inclusive; they know that every guest should leave satisfied no matter their dietary need. At Bucceto’s we have an extensive no gluten menu with all our hits: pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more, so every gluten free patron knows they can rely on us to find something delicious. Along with our gluten-free menu, we also have plenty of vegetarian options as well as our new vegan pizza. Made with vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and lots of veggie toppings to choose from, our vegan pizza has become a fast favorite all over Bloomington! 
  • Easy takeout and delivery – Our online ordering makes grabbing takeout or getting delivery easier than ever. Simply choose takeout or delivery from our website, enter in your address, and you have full online access to our Bucceto’s menu for your ordering convenience. Let us know what you’d like, pay for your order, and it’ll be ready in no time for a pickup or drop-off! 
  • Extensive beer and wine list – The best restaurants in Bloomington, IN create whole meal experiences, and that’s just what we do with our extensive beer and wine list. From gluten-free Stella Apple Cider to a classic cold glass of Chardonnay, your meal begins the moment you take your first sip. Taste every ingredient in your dish with the perfect complement! 

We think of it all when it comes to being one of the best restaurants in Bloomington, IN. Curious about the experience? Stop in and we’ll show you what our Bucceto’s hospitality is all about!