We’re Doing Our Bloomington Delivery A Little Different

If you’ve been in the mood for Bloomington delivery at Bucceto’s, you may have noticed that we’re doing things a little bit differently these days. Rather than sending our Bucceto’s staff out to deliver your orders, we’re teaming up with food delivery apps for a few key reasons. Our Bloomington delivery is important to getting our Bloomington area customers the best pizza the area has to offer, but safety and social distancing is important, too. By utilizing these services, we’re able to keep you safe, keep our staff safe, and keep delivery drivers safe as they’re working their daily deliveries.
While we can’t wait to get back to offering our Bloomington delivery service ourselves, a few reasons why we’re pairing up with GrubHub and other delivery services are:
We’re Doing Our Bloomington Delivery A Little Different• It’s easy and efficient – Using these apps to order your Bucceto’s for delivery is simple. Download GrubHub or your app of choice, tap on Bucceto’s in Bloomington, and you’ll be brought right to our menu. Once you’re at our menu page, scroll through and make your order. You can order custom create your own pizzas, specialty pies, pasta dishes, or any other favorite you may have on our menu. Once you place your order you can pay right on the app and follow your Bloomington delivery to your home.
• It keeps things contact-free – Maintaining social distance is more important than ever, and we have found that our Bloomington delivery using delivery apps keeps things contact-free. Using your delivery app of choice, you can pay for your meal and tip your driver all from your own smartphone. You may have your meal dropped off onto your doorstep for you to retrieve after the driver has walked away, and you can enjoy your meal without ever coming into contact with anyone at all.
• No-contact payment – Handling money, credit cards, or other forms of payment does transfer germs from person to person, especially when you have to be in close proximity to hand off your payment. The ability to pay and tip right from your delivery app limits this trade-off and saves you from risking germ transmission between yourself and your delivery driver.
If you haven’t ordered our Bloomington delivery using a delivery app yet, why not try it out with some Bucceto’s tonight?

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