What About Lunch At Our Pizza Restaurant In Columbus?

If you’ve ever experienced those 12pm stomach rumblings, followed by the 2pm post-lunch sleepiness, you know just how important a good lunch really is! With a great lunch, you should curb those hunger pangs and experience a healthy burst of energy, and that’s just the kind of fares we’re serving up at Bucceto’s. Our pizza restaurant in Columbus might be known for serving up the best pizza in the region, but we dish out a whole lot more than just that.
Our lunch menu is packed with comfort food picks, stick to your ribs dishes, and fresh fares depending on just the kind of lunch experience you’re looking to have. If you’re tired of having that 2pm sleepiness hit you toward the end of the day, some of our top picks for a fresh and energizing lunch at our pizza restaurant in Columbus are:
What About Lunch At Our Pizza Restaurant In Columbus?• Bruschetta – If you’re not in the mood for something heavy, but you want something fresh and comforting, our Bruschetta is perfect. While it’s a perfect starter dish, we think it also makes an excellent light lunch! The bruschetta tops toasted fresh bread with fresh tomato, garlic, and herbs, and you can also include a bit of authentic delicious goat cheese to suit your palate.
• Lunch salad – Springtime is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious salad, and our lunch salad is the perfect portion for your lunching needs. Fresh delicious vegetables are mixed with your choice of cheeses and house made dressings, giving you that hunger curbing meal that won’t leave you bogged down toward the end of your day.
• Spinach artichoke sandwich – Few foods are as perfect for lunch as a great sandwich, and our fresh Spinach Artichoke sandwich is a top pick at our pizza restaurant in Columbus. Spinach, mushroom, red onion, and tomato are paired with artichoke spread and optional chicken. For vegetarians in Columbus, this is a very simple and very tasty veggie friendly pick!
At our pizza restaurant in Columbus, we’re serving up a lot more than just pizza. If you’re looking for something fresher and more energizing for lunch, we’ve got just what you need. For those in Columbus looking for the perfect fresh lunch, stop in to our pizza restaurant in Columbus to see what we’re serving up today!

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