What Are You Serving Up At Our Party Venue Bloomington?

What Are You Serving Up At Our Party Venue Bloomington? If you’re looking to find the perfect venue to host your friends or family, our party venue Bloomington might be just what you’re after. Seating between 10 and 30 individuals, you get all the benefits of a delightful meal at Bucceto’s, but reserved for just your family and friends. We have a vast catering menu taking care of our party venue Bloomington, with plenty of choices you can make to completely customize your experience.
If you’re looking to have a traditional sort of meal at our party venue Bloomington, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn suggest beginning the experience with a starter. Garlic bread with or without cheese, breadsticks with dipping sauce, a mega house salad, Greek salad, barbecue chicken salad, or antipasto salad can be served up in full or half pan sizes, so you know that you have enough for every guest, and even those looking to grab up seconds!
In a traditional dinner setting, your starter will likely be followed up with one of our excellent pasta dishes. Also coming in half and full pan sizes, you have more than 10 pasta options to choose from, and you may even decide to opt for 2 or 3 different pans of pasta varieties to make sure every guest leaves satisfied. These pasta dishes can be made traditionally, or using gluten-free spaghetti to make sure your gluten-free guests leave well fed.
After the entrée comes dessert, and we don’t skip dessert at Bucceto’s! You can choose from carrot cake, authentic NYC Carnegie Deli cheesecake shipped in from New York to ensure the real deal, High 5 Chocolate Layer, or Tiramisu for that perfect sweet finish.
Not all parties are traditional parties, and not all celebrations call for taking the traditional route with your catering. Along with our pastas, starters, and desserts, we also have our sandwiches, calzones, and delicious pizzas to please your party at our party venue Bloomington. These are an ideal pick for birthday parties or celebrations where you expect your guests to spend a good bit of time mingling!
When you’re ready to stop by our party venue Bloomington, we’re here to talk you through the process of throwing a great party and taking your order!

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