What Can You Get At Our Italian Restaurant in Bloomington Indiana?

At Bucceto’s we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn do quite a bit to set ourselves apart! If you’re thinking about grabbing something to eat at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington Indiana location we have plenty to satisfy each and every customer that walks through our doors. Low carb customers, vegan, gluten-free, or lovers of traditional Italian food have a dish they can’t wait to get back to when they grab Bucceto’s for lunch or dinner. A few picks that we’re really loving at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington Indiana are:
What Can You Get At Our Italian Restaurant in Bloomington Indiana?• Gluten free pizza and pasta – If you’re looking to avoid gluten for any reason Bucceto’s is the place to be. We offer gluten free pizza made with rice flour crust and gluten free spaghetti that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite Italian comfort food dishes with no worry of gluten exposure or cross-contamination. Our ingredients are chosen carefully to ensure you get the same delicious experience ordering from our gluten free menu as you would choosing from our traditional dishes.
• Calzones – Calzones are similar to pizza, but something of a different experience. Our calzones take fresh dough and we fill that dough with your choice of sauce and ingredients. What you get is a delightful pizza pocket type dish that you can customize just about any way you like. You can choose our already imagined calzone combinations or create your own from scratch for an experience that is uniquely you.
• Pasta – What would our Italian restaurant in Bloomington Indiana be without incredible pasta? Fresh made sauces, quality pasta, and optional add-ons to ramp up your dish and give you the perfect Italian comfort food you’re looking for. With our wine list, you’re always guaranteed the perfect pairing for a meal experience ripe with authenticity.
• Sandwiches and salads – Bucceto’s isn’t just for dinner. Our sandwiches and salads are perfect for that fresh lunch that won’t give you the 2pm post-lunch lag. Our hot sandwiches include classics like Italians and meatball subs, while our salads can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to your sandwich or entirely on their own. If you’re really looking to fill up for lunch, add on a soup!
Bucceto’s Italian restaurant in Bloomington Indiana has something on the menu for everyone who walks through our doors. What are you planning to enjoy on your next visit?

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