What Do You Use To Top Your Best Pizza In Columbus? 

We make sure the same care and attention goes into every part of our pizza at Bucceto’s. This means that no matter the toppings you choose, you’re always working with the sort of foundation that allows us to call ours the best pizza in Columbus! However, we offer dozens of impeccably fresh toppings, and there’s no wrong choice when you’re creating your very own Bucceto’s pizza. 


At Bucceto’s we have toppings for creating an earthy pizza, a spicy pizza, a fresh pizza, a hearty pizza, a traditional pizza, and pretty much any pizza you might have in mind. This includes unique as well as classic toppings, with favorites that our Bucceto’s customers keep coming back to again and again. A few favorites we see our customers coming back to are: 


  • Vegan sausage – At Bucceto’s, we don’t just have the best traditional pizza in Columbus, we’re also serving up the best vegan pies. Our vegan pizza is made with our gluten-free and honey-free crust, our tomato sauce, a vegan cheese blend, and your choice of vegan friendly toppings. While most of our vegan toppings are veggies and herbs, we also offer fresh vegan sausage to really hearty up your favorite vegan pie. This vegan sausage is made to taste like the real thing, with smokey and spicy notes that forever complement our cheese blend, and it goes particularly well with peppers, onions, and rosemary. 


  • New potatoes – Pizza is a comfort food and potatoes are a comfort food, but what about bringing the two together? Our new potato topping turns any pizza into an instant hearty, earthy, and comforting pie. Soft, warm, and cozy, new potato pizza goes best with peppers, onions, bacon, and smoked gouda.


  •  What Do You Use To Top Your Best Pizza In Columbus?Chorizo sausage – Sausage is a pizza topping classic, but what about putting a new spin on an old favorite? Chorizo sausage is a spicy Spanish or Mexican sausage, giving you southwest flavors on a traditionally Italian foundation. We love pairing chorizo with green onions, cilantro, jalapeno, and jack cheese. 


  • Pepperoni – What could be better than the forever crowd pleasing pepperoni pizza? Our fresh pepperoni is the most popular choice for 1 topping pizzas, and for good reason. It’s zesty, fresh, just a tad spicy, and gives your pizza that classic flavor everyone craves. 


Our toppings really help to elevate our best pizza in Columbus no matter what sort of pizza you’re thinking about ordering. Looking for something different tonight? Stop by Bucceto’s and see what kind of unique pie we can make together! 

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