What Does Vegan Cheese Pizza Really Taste Like?

At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn really have a passion for making delicious pizza accessible to everyone. That’s why we pride ourselves on our tasty no gluten pizza, and now we can take pride in our vegan cheese pizza as well! Made with absolutely no animal derived products, our vegan pizza is made with vegan cheese, you have the option of vegan sausage topping, and you have 25 other additional vegan toppings you can use to create any flavor combination that suits your taste. This means that not only do our vegan customers have a delicious pizza they can count on to suit their dietary needs, but they have the variety necessary to keep coming back again and again.
Eating the same old thing every day can get pretty boring, and we at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn never want to serve up a boring pizza. Our vegan pizzas can incorporate any myriad of our vegan toppings you like, so you never have to get the same pizza twice. With 25 toppings to pick from the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavor. You may even use our toppings to create vegan versions of some of our Smiling Teeth pizza combination favorites.
What Does Vegan Cheese Pizza Really Taste Like?So, how does our vegan cheese pizza taste? Simply put – it tastes like pizza! We’re proud that our cheese pizza is nearly indistinguishable from our standard pizzas, or no gluten pizza options. You get rich flavor created using fresh and wholesome ingredients, and without any use of animal derived products. From the crust, to the cheese, to the vegan sausage or the other toppings you choose, you’re getting the authentic taste of true Italian pizza.
Our vegan cheese pizza can also be made as a no gluten pizza, serving those in the community looking for gluten-free options that also suit their vegan needs. We don’t believe that those with dietary restrictions need to go without great convenient food in Bloomington or Columbus, so we bring you that food perfect for parties, lunch breaks, or busy days taking the family to and from their everyday activities.
If you’re wondering what our vegan cheese pizza really tastes like, there’s only one way to find out. We think that if you try our Bucceto’s vegan pizza, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how delicious going vegan really is.

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