What Does Vegan Pizza In Columbus Really Taste Like?

One of the most exciting items on our Bucceto’s menu is our vegan pizza, and we have one question that comes up from our customers who maybe haven’t strayed away from traditional pies before – what does vegan pizza in Columbus really taste like? We’re proud of our vegan pizza at Bucceto’s, and we’re here to answer all of your questions! 


Our vegan pizza starts out with our traditional pizza crust, which is made with wholesome unbleached flour and authentic natural ingredients. Customers may order vegan pizza on our gluten-free rice flour crust, however our gluten-free crust is treated with a bit of honey. This is the foundation of your vegan pizza, and where the magic starts when you take every tasty bite! 


On the crust is our robust and zesty homemade sauce. This gives the pizza a bit of moisture for the perfect mouth-feel, some acidity to cut the fat and salt of the cheese, and a touch of sweetness to round out the joining of all of the delicious flavors. Using real Italian herbs and fresh tomatoes, our sauce has enough depth to be a must-have topping in its own right! 


What Does Vegan Pizza In Columbus Really Taste Like?

The cheese is where the vegan difference really comes in. For our non-vegan customers curious about our vegan pizza, this is where the questions begin! Vegan cheese uses plant based oils and fats, like potato, nut, pea, or chickpea, to create plant-based alternatives that melt, stretch, and taste just like traditional cheese. The plant-based cheeses are then spiced and flavored to taste just like their traditional counterparts, and they can be found in varieties like cheddar, pepper jack, cream cheese, and more. For our vegan pizza in Columbus, we use a plant-based mozzarella blend that mimics our traditional cheese almost exactly. 


We take great pride in our variety of wholesome, fresh, and natural toppings at Bucceto’s, and we make sure this goes for our vegan options as well. For those who want a touch of traditional rustic spice, we have vegan sausage that brings it to your plant-based pizza. In addition to our vegan sausage, there are over a dozen fresh vegetable toppings to choose from so you can always create the exact pie you want on any given day. 


If you’ve never tried vegan pizza before, there’s no better time than the present with our vegan pizza in Columbus! Stop by Bucceto’s today to see what it’s all about. 

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