What Exactly Is A Calzone?

At Bucceto’s, we offer 7 different types of calzones as well as a do-it-yourself option that combines all the favorite flavors you choose. Serving up the best pizza in Indiana, it’s no surprise that we also serve up the best Calzones, but what exactly is a calzone anyway?
Calzones can be somewhat misunderstood, and they’re often mistaken for a similar dish called a Stromboli. However, while the two dishes have their similarities, they’re quite different, and we want to explain to you all about the Calzone difference!
First and foremost, a Calzone and a Stromboli are both forms of “inside out” pizza. They take the flavors and stylings of pizza, and fold them into a pocket where the crust is on the outside, while all the good stuff is inside. The major differences lie within the size of the dish, the shape of the dish, and the dish’s origins.
A calzone is typically a single serving type meal, and it’s sealed up much like a taco. The dough is folded in half and sealed by pinching on one side, providing an easy holdable dish that can be enjoyed easily by hand or using utensils. Stromboli’s are typically much larger, and folded somewhat like a burrito, with dough wrapped around chosen fillings. With a Stromboli, you’re not like to find it easy to walk and eat, and pieces are cut from the larger dish to be shared around the table.
What Exactly Is A Calzone?Calzones are genuine and authentic Italian food, originating from Naples, Italy. The first Calzones were made to offer patrons a way to easily eat pizza while walking down the street without making a mess, and they’ve developed into a much-loved dish filled with different fillings and using different cooking techniques. Calzones are still a popular dish served all around Italy. Stromboli, however, is Italian-American, and while the name comes from the Isle of Stromboli, the first Stromboli actually originated in the city of Philadelphia.
At Bucceto’s, you can get your own taste of authentic walking-pizza with our varied selection of handmade and delicious Calzones. If you’re ready to get the Calzone hype, call us at Bucceto’s and try Indiana’s best pizza inside out today!

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