What Goes Into Our Gluten Free Pizza?

What would our gluten free restaurants be at Bucceto’s without great gluten free pizza? At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn set out to make sure that everyone in the Bloomington and Columbus areas have excellent pizza whenever they want it, and that means taking care of our local gluten free crowds, too. We pride ourselves on not just serving up gluten free pizza at our gluten free restaurants, but putting as much care and consideration into the flavor and quality of the pizza as we would any other dish or pie.
What Goes Into Our Gluten Free Pizza? What really makes our gluten free pizza at Bucceto’s is our rice flour crust. Rice flour is made by finely processing raw rice into a light powder flour, and it’s a common wheat flour alternative for bread, doughs, and other baked goods that need to be made completely free from gluten. Because our rice flour is made completely gluten contaminant free, it’s an excellent option for those not just with gluten intolerances, but severe gluten allergies. We don’t just want you to have a tasty experience at our gluten free restaurants, but a safe experience you can enjoy with no worry!
Topping the gluten free rice flour crust is our tomato sauce. Made fresh, wholesome, and delicious, we use just the perfect amount of sauce to promise the ideal sauce, to crust, to cheese ratio. The authenticity of our sauce is what really helps our authentic pizza to stand out!
Topping the sauce and the crust is our cheese, which has the perfect stretch and salty flavor to give you that comfort food pizza experience. Made with no gluten, the cheese is the glue that holds your toppings onto your pizza, but it’s delicious alone if you’re looking for a plain cheese pie as well.
When you take a bite of our gluten free pizza at our Bucceto’s gluten free restaurants, we’re confident you’re going to be impressed with your experience. The rice flour crust has the crunch and flavor you’re looking for, the sauce gives the right touch of tangy sweetness and moisture, and our cheese is what makes that perfect comfort food experience. If you’ve never had our gluten free pizza at Bucceto’s, we encourage you to stop in or give us a call and try one today!

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