What Is The Best Wine To Pair With Your Pizza?

It’s no secret that plenty of people out there love the perfect pairing that beer and pizza can provide. But for those who prefer wine over beer, the fact is that you still have a lot to love. Wine pairs perfectly with pizza, and depending upon what you’re ordering from the Bucceto’s menu you’ll find that many different wines could be worth considering.
The main thing to keep in mind when you’re ordering Bucceto’s or Smiling Teeth pizza is that you’ll want to consider the sauce. Toppings matter as well, but the primary factor to think about when pairing up your pizza with the right bottle of wine will come down to sauce first, toppings second. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the main wine and pizza pairings to consider.
• Cheese Pizza – The classic cheese pizza is a standard everywhere, and extremely popular when ordering Bucceto’s and Puccini Pizza. For red wine lovers, Dolcetto is a great option, while the classic Pinot Grigio goes perfect with a slice of cheese pizza.
• Pepperoni Pizza – Pepperoni lovers will find that a nice Prosecco is able to cut through the meaty, spicy flavor of a pepperoni pizza nicely. If you’re a red wine lover, you’ll find that a Syrah or a Chianti goes perfectly with the pork.
• White Pizza – Change the sauce, you’ll want to change up the wine too. Frappato or Pino Noir are great options for white pizzas. And if you want white wine as well as white pizza, a lighter Chardonnay is the perfect option.
• Hawaiian -Hawaiian is a beloved style as well, and it goes perfectly with any red Zinfandel. If you prefer white wine, try a Riesling or a nice Prosecco to compliment the sweetness of the Hawaiian style pizza.
What Is The Best Wine To Pair With Your Pizza?• Veggie – For veggie lovers, a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc are the perfect white wine options. If you want to go a little darker, try a Rose instead of an actual red – the red wine can overpower the flavors of the veggies.
• Ziti – If you’re skipping the pizza and going with pasta, a rich red wine like a Barbera or even a Merlot are good options since their richness will match the pastas. And the standard Pino Grigio is a great choice for white wine lovers.
Of course, you can also experiment to find your perfect pairing. The wonderful thing about pizza and pasta is that there’s no wrong way to enjoy it – and that includes the wine that you pair it with. And what better way to experiment than by coming down to Bucceto’s or letting us deliver a pizza right to your door? Call us today to place your order!

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