What Sets Bucceto’s Apart From Other Good Restaurants In Columbus?

What Sets Bucceto’s Apart From Other Good Restaurants In Columbus? Residents of the area are fortunate that there is no shortage of good restaurants in Columbus. At Bucceto’s, we’re proud to be one of them, and we do quite a bit to set ourselves apart as your destination for great Italian food. As one of the many good restaurants in Columbus, we know that it’s our job to go the extra mile to satisfy our local customers, and we do this in a variety of ways.
First and foremost, we make sure we have something on the menu for everyone. If you require gluten-free food due to an intolerance or allergy, we have gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta dishes, and gluten-free entrees that are sure to impress. If you’re looking for catering, lunches, and even desserts, we’ve got those covered, too. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn believe that no dietary restriction should restrict you from having a great meal. For our vegan customers, we also offer vegan pizza made with vegan cheese and sausage, as well as 25 additional vegan toppings to come up with new creations to love.
At Bucceto’s, we also want to bring our great food to you for all of your special occasions. Our catering menu is vast and varied, and allows you to order full or half pans as you need to satisfy every guest. This is the perfect way to celebrate a holiday, host a luncheon, or get together with friends and family without all the stress. All we ask is 24 hours of notice, and we’ll have your dishes ready for you when you need them. Need your catering delivered? We’ll take care of that, too!
Lastly, we don’t just take care of the savory stuff, but the sweet stuff as well. If you’ve never been able to get to New York City to try the world famous Carnegie Deli Cheesecake yourself, you don’t have to fantasize about booking that plane ticket. We have the real stuff shipped in straight from New York, so you get your own authentic taste of the city without ever leaving Columbus. Not a fan of cheesecake? That’s not all we serve! To finish off your meal the sweet way, we also have tiramisu, layer carrot cake, high 5 chocolate layer cake, and our gluten-free chocolate torte.

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