What The Way You Eat Pizza Says About You

Pizza is a favorite food of millions of people. From kids to teens to college kids to adults, the pizza offers so much flavor in each bite that it’s hard to pick a better food. But while most people can agree on pizza no matter what it’s topped with, one thing that not everyone can agree on is how to go about eating it.
In fact, how you eat pizza can actually say a lot about you. Pizza personality is a real thing, and body language experts suggest that the way you eat pizza can tell others what kind of personality you really have. Curious? Let’s look at some of the main ways pizza is enjoyed.
• The Folder – Those who fold their pizza in half are people who are practical and ready to take charge of any situation. They’re going to take charge of that pizza, just like other things in their life. They’re not going to get messy and will do what it takes to get a job done efficiently.
• Biter – Just pick up your pizza and bite it from the tip to the crust? These are the people who care about having a good time and enjoying themselves completely in all they do. They don’t care about mess. They want to enjoy life, and they aren’t swayed by other ways or people who try to tell them what to do.
What The Way You Eat Pizza Says About You• Fork – Those who slice up their pizza with a knife and fork are steady, reliable, and careful. They don’t take unneeded risks and prefer to keep things under control at all times.
• Crust First – Crust first eaters like to stir things up. They generally want it all, and they want it now, and they don’t have time to waste reaching their goals – no matter what others think about them.
No matter how you enjoy your pizza, Bucceto’s is here and ready to offer the best pizza in Indiana. Give us a call today to place your order for delivery or carryout, or stop on by to dine in. We don’t judge you based on how you eat pizza – we just respect that you know where the best pizza in Indiana is found!

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