What To Expect From Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus

What To Expect From Our Italian Restaurant In ColumbusIf you’re yet to try our Bucceto’s Italian restaurant in Columbus, you might be wondering what your experience is going to be like. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn do our very best to make sure your experience is authentic, enjoyable, and delicious from beginning to end! If you’re looking for top notch Italian food tonight, we have just what you need.
For those who require a gluten-free diet, you’ve come to the right place. At Bucceto’s, we have an extensive gluten-free menu comprised of delicious gluten-free pizza, gluten free pasta dishes, gluten free entrees, and even gluten free dessert. This means that you can come on down to our Italian restaurant in Columbus and enjoy a complete full course meal without any worry of gluten contamination or not finding anything you like on the gluten-free menu. All of our pizzas can be made using our rice flour gluten-free crust, allowing you to enjoy Smiling Teeth pizzas, create your own pizzas, or even vegan pizzas as you see fit. Our pasta dishes can be made using gluten-free spaghetti, so you get the full robust flavor of the pasta meals we take such pride in.
If you’re in search of delightful vegan eats, we now make completely vegan pizzas that are bursting with flavor! Made traditionally or with our gluten free crust, these pizzas use vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and may include a whole host of vegan friendly toppings as you see fit. Enjoying a meal out while vegan is no longer a challenge, as you know you always have something fresh and tasty waiting for you at Bucceto’s in Columbus.
One of our big points of pride is our fresh, wholesome, and authentic ingredients, which go into every dish we prepare. This means you’re always experiencing a burst of incredible flavors no matter if you’re ordering out a pizza or sitting in for a delightful pasta dish or entrée. Your food is only as good as the ingredients you use, so we make sure our ingredients are always the best of the best.
With our great food, our vast and varied menu, and our always impeccable service, there’s a lot to expect from your visit to our Italian restaurant in Columbus. The next time you’re craving authentic Italian, we’d love to show you an experience you’ll love!

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