What To Pair With Your No Gluten Pizza Dinner 

Our no gluten pizza is a shining star at our Columbus and Bloomington restaurants. We make it gluten-free by using rice flour instead of traditional wheat flour, which gives us the ability to create pizzas that have the same flavor, crunch, and satisfying mouth feel but without that gluten you don’t want. We’re not just about no gluten pizza at Bucceto’s, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn wanted to make sure that we have entire gluten-free meal experiences for everyone who walks through our doors! 


What To Pair With Your No Gluten Pizza Dinner

If you’re making a full meal experience out of our no gluten pizza, you can’t start without an appetizer. For something fresh, we have a no gluten version of our Bruschetta, served on gluten free toast and bursting with fresh flavors from tomato, garlic, herbs, and optional goat cheese. If you’re looking for something cozier, our spinach artichoke dip, scamorza, or spicy meatballs get you prepped for a truly hearty dinner! 


Once you have your appetizer all picked out, you might want a bit of a palate cleanser between bites of your delicious no gluten pizza. We love our side salads with house made dressing for just this purpose. Spring mixes, dinner salads, Greek salads, Caesar salads, and the Bucceto’s blue cheese wedge are popular favorites for bringing a good touch of freshness to your meal. Love spicy pizza? The Bucceto’s blue cheese wedge is our secret weapon to cooling down after heating up! 


While you’re enjoying your pizza, what are you washing it down with? We have that covered, too. At our Columbus location we have Stella Apple Cider and Redbridge Sorghum, while we’re serving up Stella Apple Cider at our Bloomington spot. Sweet and versatile, we think cider is the perfect accompaniment to robust sauce, salty cheese, and hearty fresh toppings. 


Once your pizza is all done, you might find yourself with a hankering for something sweet and we can’t blame you! To finish up your no gluten pizza dinner, the Chocolate Torte is perfect. This flourless dessert is naturally gluten-free, and it’s made with dark chocolate drizzle and pecans for guaranteed decadence. 


While no gluten pizza is important to us at Bucceto’s, its really about the no gluten meal experience. Rather than having one or two options, we keep a full gluten free menu to make sure that all of our customers can enjoy something they love when they decide to dine with us. Gluten free diet or not, we think you’ll love having a no gluten night at Bucceto’s!