What’s So Good About Pizza In Columbus? 

You’ve probably heard about New York pizza, Chicago pizza, maybe even California pizza – but what about pizza in Columbus? We at Bucceto’s are putting Columbus pizza on the map and we’re doing it using our house-made, tried and tested, fan favorite pizza menu! So, what’s so good about pizza in Columbus? We can’t wait to tell you all about it! 


Our Bucceto’s pizza in Columbus starts with our crust. In a traditional pie, we use our wholesome wheat flour dough. This lets us build a foundation for your pizza that’s strong enough to hold onto all of your toppings, but delicate enough to provide a delightfully balanced bite. It has crunch, it has structure, and it has the flavor you want when you’re craving a good pizza! 


What’s So Good About Pizza In Columbus?

We don’t stop at our traditional pie, however, and we wanted to make sure that every hungry person in Columbus has a pizza they can rely on. Our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust, which allows us to create a completely gluten-free pie without sacrificing texture or flavor in the process. You get the same great experience, but with no worry over finding gluten in your crust. 


Once you have your traditional or no gluten foundation picked out, we top the crust with our sauce. It’s robust, herbaceous, and authentic, giving our pizza in Columbus that perfect sweetness and acidity. It provides moisture to the pizza while giving your cheese and your toppings a great little bed to rest in! 


Our cheese blend is wholesome and flavorful, giving you perfect stretch and saltiness. At Bucceto’s we have either traditional cheese blends for our traditional or gluten-free pies, as well as vegan cheese if you’d prefer to create a vegan pizza. Our vegan cheese blend is made using no animal by-products, but it tastes like that authentic pizza cheese you expect when you bite into a good pie. Never tried a vegan pizza before? There’s no time like the present! 


At Bucceto’s our toppings really give our pizza some pizazz! We have dozens to choose from, they’re all fresh, and there’s plenty for meat lovers, spicy pizza people, vegan customers, vegetarians, and pizza traditionalists or non-traditionalists alike. 


What’s so good about pizza in Columbus? Let us show you right here at Bucceto’s

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