Why Choose Our Gluten Free Restaurants?

According to Dr. Fasano, a director at the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, recent studies have found that as much as 6 to 7% of the population may be dealing with gluten sensitivities. This includes both intolerances and allergies, and this amounts to more than a whopping 20 million individuals across the United States alone. Gluten sensitivity can cause a vast array of conditions, some of which may seem unrelated to gluten exposure at all. Someone with a gluten sensitivity may experience skin rashes, breakouts, digestive issues, headaches, and fatigue when they knowingly or unknowingly ingest gluten, while those with allergies can experience more severe complications.
We take gluten intolerances and allergies seriously at Bucceto’s, which is why we strive to be the best of the gluten free restaurants in the Bloomington and Columbus areas. For those with gluten sensitivities, going out for a family dinner can be quite stressful. Rather than simply enjoying a good meal and time with loved ones, these folks will have the menu in the back of their mind. Will they be able to find good food they can eat? Will they face consequences if they’re accidentally exposed to gluten cross-contamination? We want to retain a great relaxing atmosphere at Bucceto’s, and our gluten free restaurants ensure that your entire party can find something they’ll love on our menus.
Why Choose Our Gluten Free Restaurants?Our gluten free restaurants have a great deal of variety on our gluten free menus. Our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust, which provides the same crunch and flavor as a traditional crust but with none of the gluten. In most instances, our customers can’t even tell the difference, which makes it a perfect choice of pie for the whole family to share! For our gluten free pasta dishes, we use gluten free spaghetti, which can then be topped with your choice of sauce and proteins to give you that perfect pasta comfort dish you’ve been in the mood for. Not in the mood for pizza or pasta? Choose one of our gluten free salads, sandwiches, or chicken entrees and get that authentic Italian comfort food feel without the worry.
At Bucceto’s, our gluten free restaurants allow us to serve everyone of the Bloomington and Columbus areas, and this is something that we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn find very important. Stop in to Bucceto’s today to try something delicious and gluten free you’re sure to love!

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