Why Get Dessert At A Pizza Restaurant

While Bucceto’s might be the pizza restaurant to go to when you want a great pie in Bloomington, we’re serving up a whole lot more than pizzas alone! The perfect way to end a great meal is with a sweet treat, and we made sure to put just as much thought into our dessert menu as we do our fan-favorite pizza recipes.


Why Get Dessert At A Pizza RestaurantFirst and foremost, we wanted to keep authenticity at the center of our dessert menu. When we say we have NYC Carnegie Deli cheesecake, what we mean it! We have authentic NYC Carnegie Deli cheesecake flown from the Big Apple all the way to Indiana, all the way to Bloomington, and all the way into our Bucceto’s pizza restaurant. If you want the real thing, you don’t need a plane ticket anymore!


It’s not just our cheesecake we’re keeping tried and true. Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, and while we could make our own version, why not bring a little taste of Italy to Bloomington instead? Our Tiramisu is imported, shipped across the Atlantic and brought to us to serve to you. When you sit down and enjoy a bite, you can get a true taste of Italy without ever stamping your passport.


For our gluten-free customers, we wanted to make sure you have something sweet to enjoy after your no gluten pizza. Our Chocolate Torte is decadent, rich, and made completely flourless for a gluten-free option any customer will love.


Sharing is welcome at Bucceto’s, and our dessert portions are perfect for wrapping up a dinner for two. From our imported Cheesecake or Tiramisu to our delicious Chocolate Torte, Carrot Cake, or High 5 Chocolate Layer Cake, there’s no wrong way to sweeten your Bucceto’s meal experience. Stop by tonight to treat yourself to something delicious!