Why Our No Gluten Pizza Is Perfect With A Cold Cider

At Bucceto’s we don’t just want our gluten-free patrons to enjoy a great meal, we want them to have the perfect beverage to wash it down! At our Bloomington restaurant we’re offering Magner’s Irish Cider, a cold, crisp, and refreshing beer alternative that has all the flavor with none of the gluten – just like our no gluten pizza! Why should you try a cold cider with your next gluten free pizza? We have a few reasons: 


Why Our No Gluten Pizza Is Perfect With A Cold Cider
  • Sweet cider goes perfectly with pizza – Sweet and salty are a perfect combination, and the same goes for sweet and spicy! If you’re having a no gluten pizza with pepperoni, sausage, chorizo, hot peppers, chili oil, or any of our zesty toppings, the cider is going to provide a perfect balance to bring out the best in both flavors. Our cheese blend is naturally salty and satisfying, so even if you don’t opt for a spicy pizza, you’re still getting a perfectly balanced bite every time. 
  • Excellent palate cleanser – Pizza has a certain amount of fat from the cheese and toppings, which is one of the big reasons it’s the ultimate comfort food. Magner’s Irish Cider is crisp, tart, and clean, so it cleanses the palate and cuts the fat with each sip. By washing out your palate with a sip of cider you’re better able to experience that “first bite” feeling over and over again. 
  • It’s versatile – The light and refreshing taste of a good cider is versatile, so you can pair your cold and refreshing beverage with any pizza you’re craving. Looking for something homey and cozy like new potatoes and onion marmalade? The cider makes it feel like autumn on a plate. Going for the classics like pepperoni and cheese? You’re cleansing and balancing. Going for fresh and summer-ready with cilantro and herbs? The cider is never too much to overpower your pie! 

For our no gluten pizza customers, we want to make sure you can complete your meal with the perfect no gluten beverage. If you’ve never tried pizza with a Magner’s Irish Cider before, we can’t wait to prove to you just how good it is with our no gluten pizza at Bucceto’s

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