Why Should You Try Our Rice Flour Gluten-Free Pizza Bloomington? 

Our gluten free pizza at Bucceto’s is a fan favorite for our no gluten patrons, but we think it’s something everyone will love! Here at Bucceto’s we use rice flour in our gluten-free pizza Bloomington, and there’s a few benefits to choosing rice flour to create our crispy, tasty, and always satisfying crust. A few reasons why you should try our rice flour no-gluten pizza are: 


Why Should You Try Our Rice Flour Gluten-Free Pizza Bloomington?
  • It’s gluten-free – The first reason is a pretty obvious one – it’s gluten-free! Millions are trying to limit the gluten in their diet for any number of reasons, not just gluten allergies. Some with even mild gluten intolerances find that they simply feel better when they cut gluten out where they can. If you’re craving a tasty pizza, but you’re trying to limit your gluten, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have you covered at Bucceto’s! 
  • It has more protein – When compared to traditional flour, rice flour tends to be higher in protein. Not only does this mean you’re getting a little more of what your body really wants, it also means it may be able to help you to feel fuller for longer. 
  • It’s higher in fiber – When compared to traditional flour, rice flour isn’t just higher in protein, it’s also higher in fiber. The good insoluble fibers that help to keep the digestive system moving may also help keep you feeling fuller for longer so you just might get more satisfaction out of each savory slice. 
  • We keep it customizable – Just like our traditional create your own pizzas, you can completely create your gluten free pizza Bloomington as well. This means you can go for something spicy one day, something sweeter the next, and then maybe try a fresh pizza full of tasty herbs and fresh vegetables. It’s your pizza and we’re just here to make it perfect! 

At Bucceto’s we choose our ingredients carefully, which is a big reason why we’ve chosen to use rice flour in creating our gluten-free crust. When paired with our wholesome cheese blend, robust sauce, and our always fresh toppings, it’s easy to see why it’s one of our most popular picks. Thinking of trying the rice flour difference for yourself? We can’t wait to make the pizza of your dreams! 

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