Why We’re More Than Just A Pizza Restaurant

It’s no secret that Bucceto’s is a great pizza restaurant, but we’re a lot more than just that! Along with serving up some of the best pizza in Indiana, we also have plenty of other dishes you can try any time you’re having that craving for great Italian food. A few reasons why we’re more than just a pizza restaurant are:


  • Get yourself an authentic taste of New York City – To finish off your pizza, pasta, or other favorite dish, we have some really great desserts to serve up. One such dessert gives you an authentic taste of New York City straight from the source. Our Carnegie Deli Cheesecake is shipped in straight from the source, and transports you right to the thick of a New York
    day. It might take a plane ticket to get to New York in person, but you can sure feel like you’re there whenever you’d like!

  • Why We’re More Than Just A Pizza Restaurant We serve everyone – With our gluten free menu items, our vegan pizza, and our unique Smiling Teeth pizza combinations we’re a pizza restaurant that serves everyone of Bloomington and Columbus. When you’re throwing a party and thinking about how you’re going to please all of your guests, or you simply need a gluten free or vegan option to satisfy the entire family, our menu has you covered.

  • Plenty of fresh picks – We don’t just serve up the best pizza and pasta dishes, we also have a great list of salads and sandwiches to take care of your lunches or fresh pick cravings all summer long. Sometimes a little light fare hits the spot just right, and that’s what our menu strives to provide!

Whether you’re looking for pizza, or something a little different, call us at Bucceto’s today to see how much more we can bring to the table.

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