Why You’re Craving Calzones From Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus  

With some of the best pizza Columbus has to offer, it’s not too surprising that our Italian restaurant in Columbus is also serving up the most delectable calzones! A calzone is like a different take on pizza. It’s a personal dish that takes the idea of pizza and quite literally flips it inside out. 


Originating in Naples in the 1700’s, calzones were a way to make pizza even more portable. It’s a sort of turnover, and it puts the dough on the outside while the inside is filled to the brim with cheese, sauces, and toppings to create all sorts of delicious flavor profiles. At Bucceto’s, it’s the same wholesome, handmade, and tasty dough you’ve come to know and love in our traditional pies. Our dough makes up the outside of our calzone, while the inside features signature flavors or create your own options so you always get exactly the calzone you’re craving. 


If you’re having a pizza picnic, picking up a couple of calzones from our Italian restaurant in Columbus is a solid plan. It’s a bit easier to eat on the go without getting messy, but you’re getting all of those authentic and tasty Italian flavors you want in a perfect pie. A picnic blanket or table, some cold drinks, and two calzones sounds like a perfect way to enjoy a spring or summer day in Columbus to us! 


Our calzones can be found in a wide variety of flavors. You can always create your own to recreate your favorite pizza or set a certain mood, or you can choose one of our signature calzone recipes for something unique and guaranteed delicious. A few signature calzones our Columbus patrons really love are: 


  • Why You’re Craving Calzones From Our Italian Restaurant In ColumbusGreek Garden – Greek Garden is a calzone that really celebrates fresh flavors, making it perfect for pizza picnics or summertime lunches. Inside of the dough you’ll find spinach, red onion, black olives, fresh tomatoes, and crumbly feta cheese. 


  • Meatball Heaven – If you’re looking for warm, hearty, and impossibly satisfying, look no further than our Meatball Heaven. This calzone is stuffed with big hunks of fresh meatball, mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese. 


  • Napoli – Like a sandwich married to a pizza turnover is our Napoli calzone! This calzone features sliced Italian ham, fresh Roma tomato, and comforting provolone cheese. 


Whether you’ve never had a calzone before, or they’re already a favorite, we’re serving them up fresh and ready for you at Bucceto’s today! 

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