You Can Stop Searching For The Best Italian Restaurant Near Me

For those in the Columbus or Bloomington areas, searching for the best Italian restaurant near me can bring up some different options. We at Bucceto’s strive to place ourselves ahead of the rest and outside of the box, and what we have to offer our patrons in Bloomington and Columbus are: 


Italian Restaurant Near Me: You Can Stop Searching
  • An extensive gluten-free menu – We have a whole gluten-free menu to choose from at Bucceto’s, so our gluten-free patrons never have to worry about going hungry or unsatisfied when they walk through our doors. The gluten-free pizza is made with rice flour crust, the gluten free spaghetti is made in a 100% gluten-free facility, and our sandwiches made with gluten free bread are just as delicious and fresh as any traditional pick. 
  • Plenty of vegetarian options – The Greek Garden calzone, the Spinach and Artichoke sandwich, the Hold-the-Meat specialty pizza menu; we offer serious variety for our vegetarian customers! You don’t need to have meat to have flavor, and we love all of the flavors we can create with our fresh veggie ingredients. Whether you want something hearty and comforting or something light and refreshing, our menu has you covered. 
  • Vegan pizza – Pizza is America’s favorite comfort food, and in our minds, everyone should be able to enjoy a good old-fashioned slice! Our vegan pizza is made with vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and any number of veggie toppings you like. It’s not just for the vegan crowd, and we encourage all of our Bucceto’s customers to give a vegan pie a try! 
  • Wholesome ingredients – If you’re going vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or traditional, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the freshest wholesome ingredients we can find. We create our own pizza dough, house make many dressings, and always source fresh when it comes to our toppings. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn believe that fresh food is flavorful food, and that’s all we want to serve at Bucceto’s! 
  • Don’t forget about dessert – After you’ve had your delicious meal, it’s time for dessert! With the flourless chocolate torte we have a tasty option for our gluten-free customers, and other favorites include authentic Carnegie Deli cheesecake straight from NYC and imported Italian tiramisu. 

The next time you’re searching for the best Italian restaurant near me, think about what you’re looking for in a restaurant experience. If it’s a diverse and inclusive menu, fresh ingredients, and the full meal experience, why not give us a try at Bucceto’s! 

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