You Don’t Have To Pick Pizza Or Pasta At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington

While a great Italian restaurant in Bloomington is usually where you would go for pizza or pasta, we at Bucceto’s have a lot more to offer. Italian flavors cover a wide variety of dishes, and we want to provide as many different tastes as possible so you can enjoy something at Bucceto’s no matter what mood you are in. Here are some dishes you might love at our restaurant that are not pasta or pizza:
• Chicken MarsalaChicken marsala is a classic, and ours is one of the gems on our menu. This dish features oven-roasted chicken breasts as the star, which are then topped with a marsala wine cream sauce and fresh mushrooms served over a bed of new potatoes. If you are looking for something comforting, warm, and indulgent on a crisp fall evening, this dish has everything you want and more.
• Chicken Torino – On our Hold-The-Carbs menu is our Chicken Torino. This scrumptious dish is comprised of two chicken breasts that are topped with pesto, Monterey Jack cheese, toasted pecans, bacon, and sautéed mushrooms. It is fresh, it is salty, it is earthy, and it is perfect for satisfying all of your comfort food cravings.
• Spinach Artichoke Sandwich – For those adhering to a vegetarian diet who are not looking for pizza or pasta, we have an excellent spinach artichoke sandwich. Spinach, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and an artichoke spread are warm and inviting on fresh bread, and chicken may be added as well if you so choose.
You Don’t Have To Pick Pizza Or Pasta At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington• Salads – Sometimes you just want a bit of freshness in your meals, and our salads can always keep things fresh and delicious. BBQ chicken salads, spring mixes, Greek salads, Caesar salads, and more are among the varieties you can choose as a starter or a main dish at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington.
• Soups – The fall and winter seasons are peak soup seasons, and our fresh soups are simply bursting with flavor. Pasta Fagole and Tomato Basil can be ordered in a cup as a starter, or in a bowl for a full meal.
All of the dishes at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington can satisfy you no matter what you are in the mood for. Stop in today and try some of the menu items outside of our pizza and pasta dishes.

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